The Sewfistive Foam - Self-Adhesive and Sew-in Foam

The Sewfistive Foam - Self-Adhesive and Sew-in Foam

The Sewfisive Foam is a versatile and reliable foam stabilizer that provides exceptional support and structure to a wide range of sewing projects. It is specifically designed to enhance the quality and durability of sewn items, ensuring they maintain their shape and form over time. The foam stabilizer comes in three different variants: Light, Heavy, and Premium, each tailored to meet specific needs and requirements.

Sewfisive Foam also comes in two types: self-adhesive and sew-in. The self-adhesive type has an adhesive backing that allows for easy application and secure attachment to fabric surfaces. This eliminates the need for additional adhesives or stitching during the sewing process. On the other hand, the sew-in type requires alternative methods of attachment such as stitching or using fabric glue.  

International Market 
Local (Singapore) Market

WHY choose The Sewfisive Foam?

  • 3 different thickness
  • Self-adhesive or Sew-in
  • Lightweight with soft padded feel
  • Easy to adhere (self-adhesive) - just peel off the backing and position the Sewfisive Foam on to your fabric
  • It is ideal for most fabric bases though it is recommended to fuse a lightweight/medium-weight interfacing first to cotton woven for best results to prevent shrinkage and stretch
  • The Sewfisive Foam (self-adhesive) can be easily readjusted
  • The Sewfisive Foam (self-adhesive) can be bonded with an iron at low temperature, for extra security though it is not necessary. Once it is bonded with an iron, the foam can be deformed or torn when pull apart
  • The Sewfisive Foam can be sewn over.  Test your tension first and increase one needle size if needed
  • Folds caused by birthing method are easily restored with an iron at low temperature.
  • Do NOT wash the finished bag with The Sewfisive Foam in a washing machine.  Gentle handwash or spot cleaning are recommended. 
  • Finished bag will be structured and has a padded feel for the soft touch.



  • 1.5 mm thick and provides a lightweight yet sturdy stabilizing effect. This variant is comparable to Decovil Light and is ideal for project that require a subtle level of stabilization.  
  • This variant has TWO types - self-adhesive and sew-in.  
  • Self-Adhesive Foam - 59" x 21" 
  • Sew-In Foam - 59" x 42"


  • 2.0 mm thick and offers a heavier stabilizing effect. Similar to Decovil Heavy, this variant is ideal for projects that demand a stronger level of support and structure.
  • 59" x 21"
  • Only Self-Adhesive variant is available
  • Sew-In Foam - layer 2 pieces of Sewfisive Foam Light



  • The thickest variant, measuring 2.7 mm in thickness.
  • It surpasses the thickness of Peltex 70, making it an excellent choice for projects that require maximum stability and structure.
  • 59" x 19"
  • Only Self-Adhesive variant is available
  • Sew-In - layer 2 pieces of Sewfisive Foam Light



  • It will be shipped FOLD in a poly mailer bag to for most economic shipping rates.
  • It does NOT affect the functionality. Strictly no boxes unless you are fine with the charges. FYI, ROLL shipping charges are shocking (almost 4x more).  
  • Shipping origin from SINGAPORE (South East Asia) and rates are based on WEIGHT.
  • Every 0.1 grams increase may change to a higher shipping tier. 
Any overage of USD2 for shipping will be refunded.


Important Notes

  • We strive to capture the true colors of our products in photographs, but please note that there could be slight variations between the images and the physical items.
  • We strive for consistency in our products, but slight variations on the thickness may occur during the manufacturing process in different production batches.  The difference is minimal and should be within +/- 0.3 cm range.
  • Our fabrics are hand-cut, so please note that they may not have perfectly straight edges. If you have a preference for precisely straight cuts, we recommend considering this before making a purchase.
  • Please note that The Sewfisive Foam and 3D Air Mesh Fabric are based on volumetric weight.
  • To optimize your shipping rates, consider combining it with other Sewfisticated Supplies products.  International shipping charges are based on WEIGHT.
  • In case there are any shipping overage charges exceeding USD2.00, we will promptly refund the excess amount upon generating shipping labels.  


A video demonstrating The Sewfisive Foam.  It comes in 3 thicknesses which are explained in the video.

The Sewfisticated Sassy with Sewfisive Foam Heavy on Vinyl


Zipper Pouch with Sewfisive Foam Light on Cotton Woven
Template using Pollies Purse Plus 

 Using Sewfisive Foam Heavy on The Sewfisticated Sassy.  Stick and go!

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