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An online shop exclusively catering to bag-making enthusiasts. Situated in Singapore, our store is committed to providing top-notch supplies for crafting high-quality bags. What sets us apart is our dedication to serving customers worldwide, as we offer convenient shipping options that ensure bag enthusiasts from every corner of the globe can easily access our extensive range of products.

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Situated in Singapore, we provide global shipping services, ensuring that bag enthusiasts worldwide can easily access our products. Our international shipping is facilitated through various reputable shipping companies, offering competitive rates, and all prices are listed in United States Dollars (USD).

Volumetric vs Actual Weight

VibrantVue Canvas

Our latest line of fabric - lightweight, domestic friendly with no interfacing required. Best part, it is waterproof!

VibrantVue Canvas

Sewfisive Foam with 3 thicknesses

3rd Restock!

The Sewfisive Foam is a high-quality self-adhesive OR sew-in foam stabilizer that offers excellent support and structure to various sewing projects. It comes in three different variants: Light, Heavy, and Premium, each designed to cater to specific needs.

Sewfisive Foam

New Colors!

Limited retail stock of the Sewfisticated Twill

The perfect base for your lining especially card slot and slip pocket. Thin yet structured, for both domestic and industrial sewing machines.

Sewfisticated Twill

Limited Retail Stock

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